Company Profile


NBrisbane Airportational Concrete Solutions Pty Ltd, (NCS) is a specialist, contracting organisation that has been incorporated since 1991. (NCS) prides themselves on their wealth of experience and knowledge in concrete solutions for the Commercial, Industrial and Civil sectors. Through continued investment, we build brand loyalty and address environmental, social and economic factors, showing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to assist in lessening the effects on the community. This investment not only addresses global factors, it further provides technical education and development of our people.

Our experienced team of applicators provide quality solutions in Concrete Repair (Structural and Non Structural), Durability Solutions, Crack Injection, Water Ingress Prevention, Surface Coatings, through to return to service planning that promotes long term sustainable benefits.

Globally, there is an increasing focus on the importance of Sustainable Construction, through the adoption of materials, products and practices that result in the more efficient use of natural resources, to assist in reducing environmental effects on society, as well as reduce high maintenance costs upon future generations.

National Concrete Solutions (NCS) does not view Corporate Social Responsibility as a regulatory cost, but an investment towards assisting in gaining a more sustainable future, in extending the life of Commercial and Civil Infrastructure.


WHS Policies

The objective of National Concrete Solutions is to minimise the risk of injury to our employees, contractors and the community by managing a planned and systematic approach to occupational health, safety and welfare and providing the resources necessary for its successful management.

National Concrete Solutions maintains a safe and healthy working environment by adhering to regulations including:

  • NSW, Qld, ACT,NT, SA and The Commonwealth of Australia (WHS Act and Regulations 2011)
  • Victoria (OH&S Act 2004 and Regulations 2007)
  • WA and TAS legislations and regulations relevant to Occupational Health and Safety.


Code Compliancy

NCS are 'Code Compliant' with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations' National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

The code of practice awarded to NCS by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations consists of reforms intended to improve workplace relations in the building and construction industry. The reforms lead to a more efficient, safer and productive industry for the benefit of industry participants and the Australian economy as a whole.

NCS sought approval from the Australian Government for code compliance, as any party wishing to do business with the Australian Government or work on Australian Government funded construction projects is required to comply with the Code and established Guidelines on all construction projects, including Australian-based privately funded construction activities.

Adoption of the Code by the Australian Government expresses a commitment to deal only with organisations and personnel in the construction industry whose standards and behaviour conform to the principles expressed in the Code.


Environmental Management Plan

National Concrete Solutions is committed to a responsible and environmentally sound approach to environmental management in all of its business units. NCS is committed to eliminating the impact on the environment through safe work practices, correct materials, correct equipment and a sensitive approach to recycling.