• Prince Henry Hospital
    Prince Henry Hospital
    Prince Henry Hospital - Heritage Restoration
  • Sheahan's Bridge - Gundagai
    Sheahan's Bridge - Gundagai
    Sheahan's Bridge - Increasing Durability
  • Boggo Road Busway Alliance
    Boggo Road Busway Alliance
    Concrete remediation - Headstocks, Tunnel floor, Bridge pier and Bridge beams


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NCS - "Sustainable Returns to Service Life through Rehabilitation of Concrete Infrastructure"

NCS (National Concrete Solutions) is a specialist, contracting organisation that has been incorporated since 1991, (NCS) prides themselves on their wealth of experience and knowledge in concrete solutions for the Commercial, Industrial and Civil sectors.  Through continued investment, we build brand loyalty and address environmental, social and economic factors, showing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), to assist in lessening the effects on the community.  This investment not only addresses global factors, it further provides technical education and development of our people.

Our experienced team of applicators provide quality solutions for Concrete Repair (Structural and Non Structural), Durability Solutions, Crack Injection, Water Ingress Prevention, Surface Coatings, through to return to service planning that promotes long term sustainable benefits.

National Concrete Solutions are a Xypex Approved Contractor, and are Code Compliant with the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations' National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry.

The NCS specialist team of applicators are capable of repairing and rejuvenating concrete structures including:

• Basement repair & waterproofing
• Bridges & culverts requiring repair
• Structures requiring chemical protection
• Water treatment facilities
• Marine structural repair
• Pool repair

• Repair of balconies
• Rail Infrastructure repair
• Parking decks
• Reservoirs
• Sewer Manhole repairs
• Tunnels, including coatings and crack repair






NCS is capable of applying numerous concrete repair and protection solutions including:

• Cementitious repair systems
• Concrete admixtures
• Epoxy repair
• Waterproofing membranes
• Geosynthetic clayliners
• Joint Sealants
• Floor coatings
• Concrete protective coatings
• Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Strengthening Systems
• Crack repair, inc. Xypex crack repair systems
• Crack Injection
• Concrete spalling repair
• Concrete cancer treatments
• Construction joints, inc. concrete waterstops
• Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Strengthening Systems